About Us

Independent TV Designed for the Black and Brown Community

Rose Spencer Founder/CEO

Thank you for visiting Phoenix Rising TV Network, the only streaming network that is created to support Black and Brown independent creators. Racism and biases are pervasive in the television programming. Independent Black and Brown creative works are substantially underrepresented in television, and the few that have made it to streaming networks exhibit negative images, buffoonery, or portray us as an inferior race.  

I created Phoenix Rising TV, a streaming network to allow Black and Brown creators to tell their story through their authentic voices, without input of the masses. Malcolm X is quoted to have said “the media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”  Since the media often does not include a critical and authentic consideration of the lives, experiences, and identities of Black and Brown people, Phoenix Rising TV will give the world an opportunity to engage with the different and more complex stories about Black and Brown people, told through the lens of some of the best independent creators in the world. Television entertains us, helps shape the world’s view of us and educates us, and the best way to counter media racial miseducation is to provide a safe place to showcase our greatness. Phoenix Rising TV gives the Black and Brown independent creator an outlet that not only celebrates their talent but allows them to exhibit the complexities that make the Black and Brown cultures the preeminent cultures of the world.

It’s time that we rise from the ashes and take our rightful place!

Peace & Love,


The Executive Team

Dallas Cogdell
Creative Director


Ray Kelly
Production Director


Dominique Vining
Director of Strategic Partnerships


Pablo Gomes
Technical Director


Berto Woods
Audio & Sound Director


Damonn Hull
Lead Videographer