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Phoenix Rising TV is a progressive Internet TV Network located in the DMV that aims to engage, educate, and entertain viewers with high quality independent content that highlights culture, news, entertainment, music, and community affairs. Viewers can stream FREE across FireTV, Roku and the web allowing for more views of your content.

Are you an independent filmmaker, producer, video content creator, documentary creative, or aspiring broadcast personalities looking for a TV platform to gain exposure to reach new audiences, increase engagement, and generate revenue with ad based monetization?  Phoenix Rising TV is seeking content creators that exhibit a positive reflection of the global Black experience. 

We are currently accepting the following type of independent content.

  • Shorts                                                                                                                       MONETIZE YOUR WORK 
  • Documentaries 
  • Movies
  • Music Videos
  • Informative Shows 
  • Talk/Chat Shows
  • Miniseries
  • Reality Shows
  • Live Events
  • Concerts
  • Pay-Per-View Events

Phoenix Rising is also currently looking for sharp, savvy TV Talk/Chat/News Show Hosts that are interested in brokered programming opportunities.

  • Do you have the necessary skillsets to host a talk show?
  • Comfortable: You must be comfortable in front of a camera.
  • Speaking: You need to be able to recite clean, confident dialogue. This also means you need great diction and a neutral dialect, so you can easily be understood by viewers from multiple regions.  
  • Reading: You need to be able to read cue cards, ideally while appearing as though you are speaking off-the-cuff and not reciting from a script. 
  • Confidence: A TV host needs to appear self-assured—the operative word here being “appear.” It doesn’t really matter how genuinely confident you are, as long as you project it. 
  • Sociability: It’s right there in the job title: Talk show hosts talk. While a feigned interest in others may get you started, a genuine enjoyment of talking to people from all walks of life will be palpable to viewers. 
  • Charismatic You must possess special traits that attract, inspire, or fascinate other people so that they will engage with you. 
  • Research skills: The more successful you are as a talk show host, the more likely you are to have producers and a team of writers to help you out with research. But when you’re starting out, knowing how to dig into information about your guests or subject matter is crucial. 
  • Memorization: While you never want to appear overly rehearsed, memorizing a basic outline of what you’re going to discuss on-air or basic facts to relay to the audience is necessary. Holding note cards is fine to use as a reminder, but the last thing you want to do is stare at them during an entire segment or interview. 
  • Flexibility: As a host, it’s your job to keep up with your guest, no matter where the conversation leads you. Have an outline of talking points, but also be prepared to carry on a relaxed, informed, unscripted conversation. 
  • Technical skills: While it’s not mandatory, having the skills to use rudimentary equipment and software while compiling a story can be an asset to you.